The peace of Damocles

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Who is Boris Nadov ? This man who, by dint of wanting to live, died so many times... The ephemeral poet of the «Chemins de Basseville», the revolutionary lost in his century or a world child, orphaned one evening of November 1989 ?



Called by Géraldine, a school teacher in the south of France, a journalist in the French communist daily « L’Humanité » is investigating the death of a mysterious Boris Nadov, apparently murdered in a corridor of the presidential palace of Harare.

How can a young Frenchman, who disappeared five years earlier in the shipwreck of a cargo ship off the coast of Brazil, reappear on television ? Is it the same Boris or a simple look-alike ? And if he is him, what was his trajectory ?

The young woman, convinced, urges the journalist to conduct investigation. So, they must go back to the origins: Boris' Czech family, his childhood, college, high school, a hazardous adolescence in the community of Libertone, then university and the call under the flags, prelude to a slip out of control.

What happened between him and Geraldine in January 1991, when France went to war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ? Boris disappears from radars even before completing his military service. His existence then loses all reality, both administrative and social, until his official disappearance a few months later, without possible validation.

This raises the question of his presence in Harare, the capital of the new Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe… It will be necessary to go back in history, from Berlin, through the Czech Republic of Havel, the greater Hungary, to the fugitives of the KGB and the revolts of Rhodesia. It will be necessary to step on the ruins of the old worlds and to advance through the computer meanders of the modern era to understand the journey of this multidimensional man.

And, at the end of the race,
everybody will land on the cliff at the end of the world,
some seconds just before the end of the Damocles peace.

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