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2 roles

Amarto, a famous Parisian writer, finds himself one day on the shoulders of Helene Proust, simple secretary of a newsroom. What is he doing here ? Helen committed a crime, he knows it but what ? Who is the victim ?



Following a young woman, Helene, secretary without extravagance, at any time of day and night, Amarto tries to reconstruct a story that seems to concern him. The young woman killed. The evidence is weak and the woman shows no sense of guilt but she killed.

The arrival of the police officers made things clear: the victim’s name is Amarto ! Him ! So Helen murdered him! But why ? He doesn’t remember anything, What was his motive, what did he do to her ?

He discovers that Helene provided a manuscript to a critic woman who allegedly passed it on to him and that he plagiarized… But no, the book in question was a project of his assistant André Bertrane, it was he who proposed the text to him... Was he the object of a plot, of a trap, of a jealousy, of a machination designed to make him fall from his pedestal ? Bertrane, the man of the shadows, and Galena, the abandoned mistress, would have ganged up against him. But it was Helen who had killed him.

The young woman defends herself. No evidence, no witnesses, the manuscript remains untraceable… Amarto, meanwhile, saw Helene hiding a USB stick in the ceiling light of her kitchen. How to alert the inspector, nobody sees him, nobody hears him. He is but a shadow among the shadows.

And if the shadows could act on reality !

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