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You are a publisher or producer,

looking for new novels, screenplays, plays, comics... or new authors to publish or produce...

The Store of Storytellers will be very useful to you !

All stories in the showcase are available for publication or production. If you are interested in one of them, simply contact the author via the personal contact form by clicking on their nam.

The catalogue allows you to limit your search to projects that correspond to your specialty or your editorial choices by selecting the category (novel, script, play...), the drama genre, the number of pages, the main place of the action, the period, the number of main characters, the target media... etc.

Furthermore, by subscribing to the corresponding stream, you can receive the projects directly on your computer as they are published on this site.

After creating an account, feel free to fill out a form for authors in the professional directory to indicate your preferences, what you are looking for or to specify the contact persons or the steps to follow .

Thank you also for making this site known on your own pages so that it becomes a powerful tool for creativity by improving the diversity of works and authors.

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You are an agent, translator, trainer, professional writer or institution…

you have services to offer to authors.

The Store can also be useful to you !

After having created an account, you can make yourself known by filling out a form in the directory and placing advertisements on the dedicated page to specify your services or report a particular event (seminar, training...) and thus enable authors who contact you to progress and achieve their objectives.

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